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If you are a website owner or personal blogger, you’ve probably asked yourself this question on more than one occasion, “How do I reach out to a wider audience/customer base?” The answer to this is never easy because the question persists even as your website or blog grows, and it involves looking at an almost infinite amount of information that will take a few lifetimes to process if we were to do it ourselves. Here is where webmasters and bloggers resort to using tools and software to compute this massive pool of information. Naturally, choosing which tool to use, can make or break your prospects in today’s scenario because the internet continues to be an incredibly dynamic and sometimes volatile space. SEMrush has, over the years, proved its mettle in being the go-to resource for internet giants as well as individual bloggers.

What is SEMrush?

SEMrush is a powerful and comprehensive Search Engine Optimization (SEO) tool that will make your website/blog friendlier for your users and more accessible for search engines to find. In other words, it improves your content and also makes your online presence felt where it matters the most. SEMrush stands out among other similar tools because of its vast arsenal of tools and functions that are designed to take your content marketing strategy to the next level. It will provide a huge variety of enhancements such as effective keyword searches, identifying the pattern and behavior of your competitors, scrutinizing and auditing your site/blog, finding and creating areas where backlinking can be done, to name a few. They have a wide range of clients ranging from business and technology giants to marketing and corporate moguls such as eBay, Philips, Hewlett-Packard, Hyatt, PayPal, etc. That’s right! They all use SEMrush!

How efficient a tool is, becomes more apparent when we understand what it does and how it works. To that end, here’s a closer look at how some of the features work:


  1. Keyword search

It provides you with an effective Keyword Search mechanism. Knowing user behavior and search input patterns will ensure that your content remains appealing and easily visible. SEMrush can identify specific keywords that can direct the most traffic to your site while keeping it relevant to the content you provide. It also offers similar words that usually accompany these keywords so that you can incorporate them into your content.




  1. Evaluates your competition

It gives you a precise analysis of the competition you’re up against. You can access vital data on successful websites that have similar content as yours, such as their rank in search engine results, sources of their backlinks and keywords they use to grab more traffic. SEMrush can break down these components so that you can add them to your marketing strategy.

  1. Check your position in search results

This tool will also allow you to follow your position in search engine results. Tracking your own place in these results will help you identify which products or articles made you gain or lose more traffic. These results will help you decide what type of content to focus on and what to avoid.

  1. Avoid losing your current traffic

It ensures that you retain your existing user/ customer base while you gain new traffic. A lot of sites make the mistake of ignoring and losing the original customers/visitors while concentrating on new techniques to invite new users. This tool allows you to identify the traffic you get from SEMrush keywords and the traffic from organic traffic (via Google Analytics) which will enable you to balance your product/content that caters to old users as well as appeal to new ones.

  1. Opportunities for guest blogging

SEMrush can help you devise a practical guest-blogging approach. You can do this by directly finding sites that are looking for guest bloggers, look up an author’s bio to find out where else he/she has contributed, or track backlinks to sites that welcome guest bloggers. This will get your content across to an audience who may not be familiar with your site, thus attracting more traffic.

  1. Analyzes your site/blog to improve prospects and content

It makes an accurate audit of your website where you can uncover the content or products that are helping your site or harming it. Whenever Google updates the algorithm that controls its search engine mechanism, SEMrush will ensure that your website stays relevant by pointing out potential weak points through its audit.



  1. Generate money by getting advertisements

SEMrush also provides you with vital information such as sites that are willing to pay for traffic, the keywords that they require, the kind of traffic and keywords that their ads are associated with and the cost of engaging the users with the ads. Being aware of these crucial aspects give you a much better advantage in inviting other sites to advertise on your domain.

  1. Track and acquire backlinks

A huge chunk of potential traffic comes in from backlinks from other websites. SEMrush identifies and categorizes these backlinks from other sites with content that is similar to yours. It also separates the backlinks that you should use from the ones that you should avoid (if they are a dedicated affiliate website, they will probably refrain from backlinking to your content).



The features mentioned here are just a few of the many features and functions you will get access to when you start utilizing SEMrush. Its potential for not only the present but also the future is undeniable. For example, the number of new bloggers in the United States alone, for the year 2018, has been a whopping 600,000 and it is expected to further increase by more than a million by 2020. With SEMrush in your hands, any or all of these sites can become resources for your website/blog (analysis of competitors, backlinks, opportunities for increasing advertisements, etc.), instead of having the market flooded with competition. The final verdict is that it doesn’t matter if you are an internet retail company, a corporate site, a social platform, an information/educational site or a personal blogger, SEMrush will provide you with a wholesome and robust array of tools and insights that will make your content stay relevant as well as reach out to the target audience and casual users alike.



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